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Clay Plate Art #2

Clay Plate Art #2

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Art for the home.

Beautiful textures of earthenware with tones of smoke and clay, layered with striking and pleasing botanicals. An art piece alone, or mix & match your own pairings create your unique set. 

⋮ Hand-built
⋮ Each plate is unique and ranges from 7-8" round.
⋮ Arrives with a hook on the rear for easy hanging.
 Due to special shipping specifications, this item is not returnable

Each plate is handcrafted using heritage earthen clay techniques used for generations by the coop. The textural and rustic uniqueness of each plate is expected and appreciated. Decorative use only. 

The plates are hand crafted by a cooperative in Guatemala, and hand painted near the bay in Florida by PO-EM studio. 

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