Textile Care

PO-EM uses textiles that are hand-spun and handwoven from natural fibers. Natural dyes are used alongside traditional methods of artisan design such as block printing, weaving and resist-dying. Textile works are proudly made in partnership with established cooperatives and workshops in India, Guatemala and Mexico. PO-EM strives to both celebrate and support handmade industries and also to offer a poetic connection to sustainable goods 𓈌

Before Wearing

PO-EM textiles arrive minimally treated, over time with washes and wear, the textile softens considerably and “breaks in”. It is recommended to wash the garment prior to wearing - this is especially true for indigo (to help minimize any dye-to-skin transfer). If your piece is naturally dyed, it is important to spot test your detergent in a hidden area prior to washing.


Machine /or/ hand wash cold. Machine dry /or/ hang in shade to dry. Do not dry clean any PO-EM textile. Do not spot clean dyed garments - this may cause uneven dye areas (we recommend to soak the item before washing). We recommend the detergent Tide free & natural as we have seen no contraindications to any of our natural dye shades. Textiles may have a small amount of shrinkage when put into a high heat dryer. If you love the fit upon arrival, it is recommended to hang dry or wash in cold, with low dryer settings.

Additional Notes

Customize your garments effortlessly! Locate a nearby dry cleaner or tailor for easy alterations such as adjusting waistbands, lengths, and necklines to make every piece perfect for you.

Natural dyes are amazing and beautiful, but they need a little extra care to avoid contraindications:

⋮ Please avoid getting citrus juice and/or using citrus-enzyme based detergents, especially for tan, grey, browns and red as it can cause uneven dye areas.

⋮ Please spot test detergents and deodorant on dyed garments.

⋮ Natural dyes are “alive” and will continue to evolve in shading as the garment ages.

⋮ An excellent way to refresh an old piece is an over-dye. We love a good indigo dye, and it usually looks great on any color base. This can also help cover any stains on beloved pieces!

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